To move or not to move?!

We're sure you've contemplated that quite long and hard! And we totally agree! That's why we're here to make it easier 🙂

Do you offer free on-site estimates?

Yes, we do. All of our on-site estimates are free, but unfortunately we can’t offer an on-site estimate to everyone due to our busy schedule. Maybe if we cloned and teleported our on-site estimators, we could meet all the requests : ) Nevertheless, call us to find out if we offer free on-site estimates in your neighborhood.

Do you charge extra for stairs/elevators?

We do not charge for stairs and elevators, as moves are charged by the hour, the time it takes to use stairs and elevators will be included in your price. So when you plan a budget for your move, make sure you keep in mind the extra time that it would take if the location in question has a lot of flights of stairs, slow elevators, long long driveways or walkways, and zombie garden gnomes, you know, things like that.

Am I getting charged for movers taking their breaks?

No. You will not be charged for movers’ break time. Take a break with them. They have some pretty funny stories.

Is gratuity included?

No, gratuity is not included and also not required. It’s a tip. Tip what you want or don’t tip. It’s up to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or cash. No personal or business checks will be accepted for any type of move. Payment is due at the end of the move.

Do you move on Sundays? Weekends? Holidays?

Yes. We move all year round. We really love it that much.

Can I ride with the movers?

We’re flattered that you’d want to spend that much time with us, but for liability purposes, we do not allow clients to ride with the movers. You can always follow our big red trucks with your personal car.

Why don’t you tell me the exact number of hours it’s going to take for my move?

Unfortunately we don’t use a crystal ball to see into the future and give you an exact time. Wouldn’t that be useful if we did, though? Moving from a two bedroom place to a three bedroom place just doesn’t tell the whole story about your move.

You could be a packrat. You could be a zen minimalist. You could be a pro packer do-it-yourselfer. You could be a pro delegator. Your move is unique to you so the time it takes will be, too. For more about local move pricing, check out the local moves page.

Why are you giving me a time-frame when it comes to the start time of my move?

If it were up to us, every move would go smoothly without interruptions. Unfortunately, we can’t control things like weather, road conditions, and just how long a move will take. We give you time-frame (ex: A start time between 1-3pm) to account for all the “what ifs” that come with moving.

While we can’t always give you an exact answer on when your move will start, our office is always to provide you with a proper approximate start time. So, in case your move is delayed or if you haven’t heard from your designated moving team, feel free to contact the office 1-844-818-8989 for more information as they are always in touch with all our teams on the road.

Do you offer commercial/office moves?

We can help you with every step of your commercial/office move. For more information, go to our Services page to learn more.

How big are your trucks?

So size matters to you, does it? Well, rest assured we always use the right truck for the right move. Visit “Our Fleet” page to see and get more information about the trucks we use.

What things should I be doing before moving day?

We’ve created this handy Ready to Move? list to help you prepare for moving day.

How ready do I have to be for the movers?

When the movers show up at your door step, their agenda entails just “Moving”, basically that means they are only there to load and unload the truck with your belongings. However, we do offer packing services, and usually the packers are scheduled to come in one to three days before your moving day to pack your belongings and, when the move is made, we can unpack just as carefully and put everything exactly where you want it.

In the scenario that you hire us to pack your belongings as well, it will be up to you to either perform a little packing yourself or nothing at all. For more information about packing services, you can read more on our Services page or discuss your move with a one of our booking specialists.

How many boxes will I need?

Our Boxes and Supplies page has estimates of how many boxes you will need based on your type of dwelling.*************

Do you charge driving time?

It would all depend on your move, please make sure you ask your booking specialist. Usually, if it takes more than 20 mins (Based on the time estimate provided by our GPS systems) for our trucks to get to your address, we would charge a fee based on the time in question.

For instance, if it takes 30mins to get to your address, we would charge you for half an hour of driving time. (Half the hourly rate your move is booked in for)

Other related information

Estimates and Quotes: Common Misperceptions

Most moving company web sites try to convey that if you supply them with some basic information they will provide a “quote” or “flat rate” for the cost of your move. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide an accurate cost with the short descriptions that are typically given in an email or over the phone.

That is why we have designed a more advanced booking system which asks the correct questions in order to collect crucial details that will create a noticeable difference in the estimate you receive.

Keep in mind, any figures provided on either the cost or duration of your move will have to be treated as an approximate figure. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email in order to speak with a moving specialist who can provide you with the benefit of his many years of experience in answering your questions and determining the cost of your move.

To take it a step further, we recommend you schedule for an estimator to visit your home to provide you with an estimate, that is one of the most accurate ways to getting an estimate and you can ask your estimator for a flat rate option.

Reducing Moving Cost

While we do offer complete packing service, packing your items by yourself or with the help of friends and family will significantly reduce the cost of your move. It is commonly believed that large items such as sofas and refrigerators contribute most to the cost of a move, but in fact it’s the numerous smaller items in a typical household which take more time.

You can reduce your cost by trying to move small items such as pictures, lamps and houseplants by yourself. Moving your own boxes does not significantly reduce cost because professional movers will move them quickly with a dolly. It is more important that your packing is complete on the day of your move.