Booking with Movers 2 Help guarantees automatic coverage through our insurance program, which is already included in our hourly rate. The standard insurance policy coverage for any damages during the move is $10,000. There is a $500 deductible on the insurance policy.

If you decide that you do not want us to use our moving blankets and stretch film wrap to protect your belongings during transportation, the insurance policy will be voided and we will not be held liable for any damage that occurs during the move. Our insurance policy requires a written report from the moving agent or supervisor, which documents any damages that took place during the move.

In order for any claim to be entertained by the insurance company, the report will have to written while the movers are still on the scene, in order to protect us from any potential fraud incidents. Therefore, any damage incidents reported after the moving team leaves the premises will not be accepted. It is the customers’ responsibility to check all of their belongings at the end of the move to ensure there are no damages and everything is safe.

To avoid such issues, the movers should be notified and asked to write up an incident report right away upon the discovery of any damages, and the customer should sign it. The movers will submit the incident report to their supervisor and the office will contact the customer within a timely manner to resolve the issue in question. If you have items of significant value, please consider applying for a higher insurance policy. This way there will be more coverage for damages that may occur. It is important to consult your moving agent/supervisor about this matter before the move takes place.

Please clearly label all boxes that contain fragile items and inform the moving agent about this so they can deal with the specific boxes in the appropriate manner. If you pack the fragile items into boxes, you must ensure they are packed securely, as we can’t be held liable for fragile items that we have not packed ourselves.